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April 14, 2015

I just added a very nice pair of Bredl's Pythons (Morelia bredli) for sale. This is a two-year old pair I've raised from babies. Price is $750 plus shipping for the pair.

We have a few odds and ends left from 2014. Click on the AVAILABLE tab at the top to see what is available. Then under Categories, click on Ball Pythons, for example, then click on the tab where there is a small white drop down menu with a number 10. Click on that until it reads 20 and you will see what I have available. Click on details or the photo. 

We are expecting some very nice locality-matched Gray Banded Kingsnakes and Mexican Hognose Snakes this summer. We are also looking forward to more stunning Louisiana Pine Snakes (Pituophis ruthveni) and Rough-scaled Pythons (Morelia carinata) this year. 




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Ball Pythons
Male Pastel Enchi Spider Clown $18,000.00.
Male Pastel Enchi het Clown $1800.00.
Male Enchi het Clown $1250.00.
Male Pastel het Clown $100.00.
Male Super Pastel het Clown $250.00.
Female Enchi het Clown, $1250.00.       
Female Pastel het Clown $500.00-650.00 each.
You can reach me at 425-765-9142, voice and text. Thank you.
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