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What's happening

December 21, 2014

We have a few ball python packages ready to go.

Male Clown, female het Clown, $500.00 pair.

Male Pastel Clown, female het Clown, $900.00 pair.

Male Pastel Clown, female Clown, $1300.00 pair.

Sorry U.S. Sales only. No payment plans.

Thank you.

Casey Lazik Reptiles 425-765-9142 (voice/text)



 E  We are officaWEnHow about a little BlackHoH

Male Clown $350.00 each.
Male Pastel Clown $750.00-$900.00
Male Enchi Clown $5000.00.
Male Pastel Enchi Spider Clown $18,000.00.
Male Enchi het Clown $1250.00.
Male Bumblebee het Clown $250.00.
Male Super Pastel het Clown $350.00.
Male Pastel Enchi het Clown $2500.00.
Female Clowns $750.00 each.
Female Enchi Clown $3500.00.
Female Super Pastel Enchi Clown $15,000.00
Female Pastel het Clown $650.00.
Female Super Pastel het Clown $1000.00.
Female Killer Bee het Clown $1150.00.
Please contact us for current availability. It's hard to put all the babies on this website during this very busy time of year.   
You can reach me at 425-765-9142, voice and text. Thank you.
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