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What's happening

September 16, 2014

We have a number of ball pythons juvenile available and many more on the way. It's very easy to follow us on Facebook for frequent updates. Many of our most desirable captive-bred babies never make it to the AVAILABLE section of this website so by "Liking" our page, you are kept updated on what lays, what hatches, and what is available. Click on the Facebook link to the right on this page.
This is a very busy time of year so I don't get to updating www.reptilia.com as often as I would like. 
Captive-bred Rough-scaled Pythons (Morelia carinata) have hatched and are estabished. At this time, I only have a couple of single males that are not spoken for. Price is $1550.00 each. They have both fed about a dozen times.
2014 Ball Pythons:
Beautiful Male Pastel Enchi Clown, $12,000.00. Extreme Powerhouse male!
Female Pastel Enchi Clown $10,000.00. Gorgeous!
Female Reduced Enchi Clown, $6000.00. Very nice!
Female Enchi Clown, $4000.00.
Unusual Female Clown $1500.00.
2 Male Clowns, $650.00.
Female Pastel Enchi het Clown, $3500.00.
Pastel het Clowns, males $200.00/females $600.00.
Male Fire het Clown, $350.00.
Het Clowns females $350.00 each.
Just hatched
1.1 Killer Clowns (Super Pastel Clowns) $3500.00 male/$4250.00 female. Beautiful!
1.1 Pastel Clowns, male $1450.00/female $2000.00. Extremely nice male Pastel Clown.
Super Pastel het Clowns, males $450.00, females $1250.00.
Female Clown
Male Enchi het Clown
1.1 Pastel Enchi het Clown
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