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November 23, 2017

A lot has been going on the past few months. For the third year in a row, we have produced Shingleback Skink babies again!

We also have some well-established Rough-scaled Pythons, also produced here in 2017. 

Please follow this link to our friends at MorphMarket to see our latest ball python Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale.


Here you can easily navigate and view all of our available ball python inventory. 

We still have a few really nice designer Clown Ball Pythons available. These including Pastel Clowns, Enchi Clowns, Super Enchi Clowns, and Pastel Super Enchi Clowns! 

Prices include shipping on orders that total over $1000.00. 

Specific photos can be seen by following the link above or send me a message and I will send you some pics! Feel free to text me at 425-765-9142 for more information. 

Available Ball Pythons -Females

2017 Female Het Clown, $75.00.
2017 Female Pastel het Clown, $150.00.
2017 Female Clown, $400.00.
2017 Female Reduced Pattern Enchi Clown, $1250.00
2017 Female Pastel Enchi Clown, $1400.00.
2017 Female Pastel Super Enchi Clown, $3250.00.
Available Ball Pythons -Males
2016 Male Pastel Super Enchi Spider Clown, $6000.00.
2017 Male Super Enchi Clown, $2250.00.
2016 Male Pastel Clowns, $425.00. 
2017 Male Pastel Enchi het Clown, $300.00.
2017 Male Enchi het Clown, $2100.00.
2017 Male Super Pastel het Clown, $100.00
2017 Male Russo het Clown, 200 grams, $60.00.
Captive-bred 2017 Rough-scaled Pythons (Morelia carinata), $3000.00 pair.
You can reach me at 425-765-9142, voice and text.  
Thank you.
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