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January 11, 2018

We still have a few really nice designer Clown Ball Pythons available. These including Pastel Clowns, Enchi Clowns, Super Enchi Clowns, and Pastel Super Enchi Clowns! 

Specific photos can be seen by following the link above or send me a message and I will send you some pics! Feel free to text me at 425-765-9142 for more information. 

Available Ball Pythons -Females

2017 Female Het Clown, $75.00.
2017 Female Pastel het Clown, $150.00.
2017 Female Reduced Pattern Enchi Clown, $1250.00
2017 Female Pastel Enchi Clown, $1400.00.
2017 Female Pastel Super Enchi Clown, $3250.00.
Available Ball Pythons -Males
2016 Male Pastel Super Enchi Spider Clown, $6000.00.
2016 Male Pastel Clown, $425.00. 
2017 Male Pastel Enchi het Clown, $300.00.
Captive-bred 2017 Rough-scaled Pythons (Morelia carinata), $3000.00 pair.
You can reach me at 425-765-9142, voice and text.  
Thank you.
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