Shingleback Skinks

Scientific Name: Tiliqua rugosa  
Geographic Location: Australia

Available: Nothing at this time, possibly summer 2017.


Comments: This is definitely one of the most unique reptiles in the world. One of the world's largest skinks in mass, these personable reptiles are long lived and gentle in nature. They make excellent captives and are probably best know for their long term relationships with a mate. Pairs have been known to bond for several years. It has been suggested they may mate for life. This species is very uncommon in captivity in the United States. They are unique among reptiles in that many seem to develop a rapport with their keeper. We are keeping two subspecies, Tiliqua rugosa rugosa and Tliqua rugosa aspera. A personal favorite of mine.

At this time, I am not offering any for sale. We hope to have babies again by late July 2017.