About Me

My name is Casey Lazik and I own and operate Casey Lazik Reptiles and www.reptilia.com. The nature of my business is to  produce and sell exceptional captive-bred reptiles to the serious hobbyist and collector. Many of the species I keep are investment quality reptiles. Some, like the Angolan Python, are still quite rare in captivity. Although I have reduced the number of species I maintain in captivity in recent years, I am still very much involved in the captive-breeding aspect of reptiles. Most of the species I offer for sale were produced at my facility. Very rarely, I will take other rare captive-bred reptiles in trade as payment for my captive-bred reptiles. I may offer these animals for sale as well. This will be the exception, as I am not in the business of brokering (selling) other people's animals.

My fascination with reptiles and amphibians began when I was a small boy. Growing up in Seattle, Washington, my focus was primarily frogs, toads, and reptiles purchased from the local pet stores.  My first apartment was soon filled with kingsnakes and pythons. In the early 1980's I met Ernie Wagner, former curator of reptiles at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. Ernie Wagner was also one of the pioneers in the captive breeding of many species of reptiles and amphibians. I'll never forget the first time I visited him at his home. So many species that I had only read about were being kept and bred just a few miles from my home! This was the start of something big for me! Before long, I had built a substantial collection of many rare pythons, colubrids, and geckos. My success in breeding many rare species in the 1980's and 1990's has probably given me the honorary title of  "one of the old timers".

Often, someone will ask me why I no longer keep one of the species that I was so successful in establishing in captivity. I suppose I am like most people. I like new challenges and I enjoy working with a wide range of reptiles. I also have limited time and space. My business is based on what I can comfortably take care of.  I have no employees. I am satisfied with my accomplishments in herpetoculture and now find it most enjoyable working with a smaller collection and enjoying other aspects of my life.

I would like to thank my friend, Mizzy, for designing this great website.