All orders must be paid  in full prior to shipping. I accept cashier's checks, money orders, personal checks, and credit cards through PayPal. You may also wire (electonic transfer) money directly into my account. Once the money has been received and the check has cleared, we can arrange shipping.


I am certified to ship reptiles through FedEx and Delta Airlines. Most orders will be sent by FedEx. I will not ship to you unless we have agreed upon a date and location. I will email you with the airbill number or tracking number. Most shipments will be sent to a FedEx hub and held for pick up. This cuts down on the risk to the animals by going out on a delivery truck in extreme conditions or conditions out of my control, particularly if there is a delay by the carrier. I may agree to send it to your business if the regular delivery time from my location to yours is by 10:30 am and conditions are favorable for such a shipment. Keep in mind, I guarantee live arrival and it is my loss if there is a death in shipment so please be open minded about picking up your animal. I ship directly from a hub rather than have my shipments picked up from home. You must be available to pick-up your shipment within 4 hours of its arrival at the FedEx hub or my live arrival guarantee is void and I accept no resonsibility for loss. Please also read Guarantees below.


All reptiles will be honestly represented, healthy, feeding, and sexed correctly unless otherwise agreed upon. I take great pride in my collection. My captive-bred reptiles represent some of the finest and healthiest reptiles available anywhere. If there is a problem with the shipment and animals you purchase, you must contact me immediately. Occasionally, a shipment may not make its connecting flight and arrive several hours later. Generally, this is not a problem for the animal although it does occasionally make things inconvenient. When your shipment arrives and if a problem exists, you must alert me of the situation immediately. In the many years I have been doing business, I have experienced very few problems with shipments I have sent out.


I don't ask for deposits but cannot hold an animal without one. Many of the species I work with are available in limited numbers. Do not send a deposit unless you are certain that you want and are able to pay the balance for specific animal. Deposits are Non-Refundable unless I cannot fill your specific order. 


Generally speaking, animals will be available for shipping once payment has been received and/or funds are made available. Occasionally, shipping may be delayed due to weather or other circumstances. If you are not available to receive the animals purchased within 2 weeks, you must notify me so I can make arrangements. Although I understand most people would like to receive their reptiles as soon as possible, there have been occasions where the buyer has been unable to receive the shipment for many weeks, and in some cases many months. If arrangements have not been previously made with me, you may be at risk for forfeiting your purchase. Generally, there will be no refunds made in these circumstances. This does not include inability to ship due to weather. I want you to receive your reptiles and be another satisfied customer. I am not in the business of holding onto reptiles for indefinite periods of time without communication and acceptance on my part. If you have been unable to receive your purchased reptile(s) for more than 90 days, through no fault of my own,  you may forfeit your purchase if prior arrangements have not been made with me. I may or may not agree to ship to another (third) party if arrangements have not already been agreed to. If the reptiles have not been shipped to you during this first 90 days, I hold no further liability, including shipment at a later date, unless it has previously been agreed upon. If my business is with you, I will ship to you or the destination of mutual acceptance at the time of purchase.

As I stated before, my goal is for you to be a very satisfied customer and receive the highest quality captive-bred reptiles. Generally, in most cases, good communication on both parts is all that is needed for a successful transaction. I appreciate your business. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. Thank you.  Casey