Northwestern Carpet

Scientific Name: Morelia spilota variegata  
Geographic Location: Northern Australia


Available: One pair of juveniles from 2012



The Northwestern Carpet Python is also known as the Darwin Carpet Python due to its geographical natural range. The species is common around the Darwin area of the Northern Territory. This taxon is probably best known for the albino mutation that was found years ago. That morph was bred to many other carpet pythons producing a number of interesting designer morphs, although pure albino Darwins are difficult to verify based on long history of breedings with the similar looking Irian Jaya Carpet (Morelia spilota harrisoni) in Europe and the United States. We are not working with the albino gene. In fact, our Darwin Carpets are unrelated to any others in the United States. We are only working with a pure form of Darwin Carpet Pythons.